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Happy Customer Stories

"[The ideal gift for mum]

Lau Yuen Tong has a full range of products from Bird's Nest, Scallop Congee to Chicken Essence. It makes revitalizing, nourishing our body and having good skin so simple!"

-廖庭娟, journalist / newsanchor


"The key to slim down is not having less but having the right food. Sharing with you the delicious Lau Yuen Tong Premium Scallop Congee uses double-boiled old hen chicken soup, speed up my strength recovery. Is an energy replenishment!"

- Ivy Ku, Dance Instructor -

"My younger son whom is not a fan of congee shared and finished the congee with his elder brother in 3 minutes. The congee is cooked with wild scallop and chicken soup, no wonder my kids praise the congee is fresh and tasty!"

- Wang Yaqi, Mother of 2 -

"Good health comes from consuming right food and good eating habit habits, so I am particular with the nutrients and production process of food.

I came across Lau Yuen Tong Singapore at the exhibition in Apr 2018. With my food science background, I agree on their promotion of health and wellness in their products and recommend their zero preservative, zero addictive products! Now I am also the loyal fan!"

- Food & Science Technology Lecturer

Tips on warming Lau Yuen Tong Premium Wild Scallop Congee

What's inside Lau Yuen Tong Essence of Chicken?

Our Essence of Chicken is 100% made with naturally grown chicken. Hence, our Essence of Chicken has a natural aroma which needs no sodium or additional flavouring.

√ Good animal husbandry practice

√ Only select naturally-grown chicken with no artificial hormones & maker residues

√ Zero Cholesterol

√ No preservatives, no plasticizers

√ Use Japan safe packaging technology

√ SGS-certified

Our Essence of Chicken can be consumed at room temperature or warm. Above is the illustration of the methods to warm it.